ARC 100

BOWA - ARC 100

Power setting
The ARC 100 provides a maximum power output of
100 W in all modes. It thus has a range of power to
meet every requirement in the outpatient area.
The power output can be adjusted quickly and
easily in 10-watt steps using a fingertip. The display
is always visible and, thanks to the bar display,
assists in the rapid detection of the selected output

Foot-switch assignment
At the touch of a button, all of the functions of the
ARC 100 can be assigned to the foot switch. The
mode currently activated is always in sight thanks
to the illuminated displays. The special foot switch
for the ARC 100 has a side stop to the left and right
of the pedal, thus allowing ergonomic working and
sightless orientation with the foot.

Compact, hygienic design
The compact multi-functional socket means a compact
and space-saving structure for the ARC 100. The
housing and user front have a wipe-clean surface
and can be treated using standard commercial
surface disinfectants.

Voltage range/mains frequency 100-260 V/50-60 Hz
Output frequency 500 kHz
Mains power / mains fuse 1,6-0,7 A/T 3,15 A
Power consumption on standby/max. 30/160 VA
Width x height x depth 280 x 114 x 310 mm
Weight 5.6 kg
Classification under EC Directive 93/42/EEC II b
Protection class under EN 60601-1/Type l/CF
Identifying mark CEO123
Monopolar CUT 100 W
Monopolar COAG 100 W
Bipolar COAG 100 W
Power setting 10 levels
Connections 2 instruments (1 x monopolar, 1 x bipolar)
Neutral electrode monitoring EASY automatic recognition and monitoring of split and unsplit neutral electrodes
Volume control Smooth using rotary knob
Foot switch Single-pedal foot switch for all modes
Cutting current types Pure CUT – for pure cutting without hemostatis Dry CUT – Cutting with strong hemostatis
Coagulation current types Moderate coagulation – Soft dessication of the tissue Forced coagulation – Fulguration of the tissue
Bipolar COAG Bipolar coagulation using bipolar instruments, e.g. forceps
ARC 100 900-100
Accessory set (excluding ARC 100) 901-126
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ARC electrosurgery unit

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